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"Hello there, my name is Ava! I'm a musical theater performer from Temecula, California. I have been singing, dancing, and acting since I was a child, and I still haven't stopped. My ambitions lie in reaching Broadway while also bringing a smile to whomever I cross paths with. I am a classically trained vocalist, having spent years completing my Certificate of Merit program through the state of California. I am also an award-winning dancer experienced with various styles. This includes Ballet/Pointe, Jazz, and Contemporary. When not performing, I am participating in Yoga or writing. Should you happen to find any of my stories for My Valley News publication, I hope they prove themselves to be a pleasant and informative read. My enthusiasm for writing extends to even creating original stories I hope to publish someday. Some of my recordings can be found right here on my website and on all digital platforms. I hope they effectively communicate my voice to you. My Instagram username, as well as any other additional contact information can be found just below. Thank you so much for reading a little bit about me, it is appreciated unconditionally!"

Instagram: @avasarnowskiofficial

Management Number: 951-768-3930

[Images By Shawna Sarnowski Photography]

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