About Me

"Ever since I was a child, I've been hard at work conditioning myself into becoming the best performer I can possibly be.  Nearly my entire life I have been devoted towards bettering my dancing, singing, and acting capabilities.  I've experimented with numerous styles throughout the years, starting off with classical training and properly completing my Certificate of Merit program through the state of California. Yet my passion lies most prominently in performing Jazz and Musical Theater. I've also participated in countless productions and have worked with some incredible people, I'm truly proud of it."


But given the circumstances in which we live in right now, theater as an art as been momentarily postponed. Yet it’s inspired me to find new ways to present myself, and hopefully find a grander audience. As of now, I’ve now dedicated my time towards recording original pieces that I’m excited to release. Samples of those very tracks are available on this website to listen too, I do hope you enjoy them!


Nonetheless, I want to thank you for taking the time to step into my little corner of internet and learn more about me. The gesture alone is very appreciated. I do hope that you keep a look out for more songs, and any upcoming projects I partake in down the road. Cheers!

"Ava Sarnowski Rising Star 2020"

                                                             - OTTCT